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And, because our maps are specifically intended for backcountry hikers, bikers, skiers and paddlers they become extremely useful in areas where Google Maps do not have a lot of detail (i.e. just about every non-urban location).

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Manning/Skagit Park, BC - Map 104

Manning iPhone

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Manning SKU

Hot off the press! This is the only accurate and up-to-date hiking, biking, horseback riding and back country ski map available for British Columbia's beautiful Manning and Skagit Valley Parks.

If you're heading to Manning or Skagit Valley Park, this is the map you'll want in your hands!

  • Beautiful Multi-season Topo Map
  • Only trail map available for Manning / Skagit Parks
  • Used by BC Parks staff
  • Information Guide
  • Hiking/Horseback Riding Trails & Traverse Distances
  • Historic Trails
  • Shaded Relief Topography
  • Detailed 25 m Contours

Garibaldi Park, BC - Map 102

Garibaldi iPhone

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Garibaldi SKU

Now in its third edition! This landmark, multi-season map is the most detailed, accurate and up-to-date hiking & backcountry ski map available for British Columbia's popular SW Garibaldi Park.

A Senior Graphics Editor at National Geographic even stated it's "the best topo map to come out of Canada in 50 years!" - We think you'll agree.

  • Beautiful Multi-season Topo Map for Hikers & Skiers
  • Best map available for Garibaldi Park
  • Used by BC Parks staff
  • Steepness Guide for all trails & Traverses
  • Hiking Trail & Traverse Distances
  • Scrambling Destinations
  • Shaded Relief Topography
  • Detailed 25 m Contours

Callaghan Valley, BC - Map 103

Callaghan iPhone

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Callaghan SKU

The Callaghan Valley is one of the best kept secrets on BC's West Coast and this multi-season map shows it off in remarkable detail. It captures the Callaghan Lake Provincial Park, the Squamish-Cheakamus Divide and the Rainbow Mtn / Mt Sproatt areas.

This map also contains the controversial motorized / non-motorized boundaries to help you plan your trips.

  • Beautiful Multi-season Topo Map for Hikers & Skiers
  • Unique Coverage of the Callaghan Valley and Area
  • Motorized / Non-motorized Zones
  • Hiking trail & traverse distances
  • Shaded Relief Topography
  • Detailed 25 m Contours

Algonquin Park - Hwy 60, ON - Map 501

Algonquin iPhone

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Algonquin SKU

Algonquin Park is Canada's first provincial park and, to this day, one of its most popular canoeing and camping destinations. With over 800,000 visitors making their way through the park every year, the Hwy 60 Corridor, lakes and trails can get a little busy and park staff recommend people take the time to plan their trips and arrive prepared.

This map focuses on providing you with accurate information about the park and its myriad activities and destinations that are accessible using Highway 60 - the only paved road that runs through the park.

  • Detailed Canoe Routes
  • UTM Coordinates & Lat-Long Grids
  • Portage Routes & Terrain Slope
  • Portage Distances
  • Shaded Relief Topography
  • Covers Popular Hwy 60 Corridor
  • Bike, Hike & Ski Trails
  • Based on Satellite Imagery