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3rd Edition of Manning Park Hiking Map is Coming Soon!

New and Improved Edition - New Features

Our popular hiking map for the Manning / Skagit Provincial Parks is getting a refresh. We've been working with BC Parks and hikers to make sure the most up to date information is included on the map. 

Manning Banner

New '3D topography'

The previous edition of the map appeared a little 'flat' and, for many folks, judging the ruggedness of the terrain was a little problematic. Armed with a better picture of the terrain helps hikers make better decisions.

Most hiking maps use digital topographic data as the base map layer and then data for trails, roads, access points, rivers, lakes, etc. are layered on top to create the final map product. The topographic layer plays an important role in providing hikers with information about the terrain and, at the scale I use for mapping, the closer you can get to portraying reality, the better the map.

Shaded relief or hill-shading, a digital technique used to show a more realistic terrain, is the default method for displaying terrain on maps. However, there are ways to improve the appearance of the topography by incorporating multi-colored illumination, adding multiple light sources and embedding textures onto 'bare' land (e.g., forested areas, which are textured versus open areas, which are slightly textured).

Compare the shaded relief from the previous edition to the new 'illuminated relief' used in the new edition (see below). Note how colour highlights and shadows impart more of a 3D effect to the mapping. This part of the world, the Northern Cascades, is very rugged with steep gullies, long valleys and jagged peaks and, as a cartographer, I think it's important to translate these landscape attributes into the map.

Shaded relief from previous edition of the Manning / Skagit Park map:

2nd Edition Shaded Relief

Illuminated relief from new edition of the Manning / Skagit Park map:

3rd Edition of Manning Park Map

Illuminated Relief

The second edition of the map (2016) used a 'hill-shading' relief created using a geographic information system application. Note the image is not as vibrant and does not display the same '3D feel' as the new 2021 'illuminated' shaded relief. The new relief was created using Blender and illustrates how light, in the form of highlights and shadows, affects how you 'see' and interpret the landscape.

Drag the divider left or right to compare images.

Multi-use Trails

Trails are getting crowded these days and it's important to know who can do what activity and where. The previous edition included symbols to explain where specified activities could take place but it became less clear after trails intersected or along long sections of meandering trail. This was an easy update; all multi-use trails are now highlighted by a yellow 'ribbon' on the trail and further information about the type of activity is indicated by symbols.

Multi-use trails in 3rd Edition:

Multi-use Trails - 3rd Edition

Heritage Trails and Sledder Routes

There are a number of important heritage trails in and around Manning Park, including the recently opened HBC (1849) Heritage Trail to the north of the park. Campsite and trail info for the HBC trail has been updated along with access information.

There are many snowmobilers in the area and a snowmobiling is permitted in a portion of Manning Park. There are also many resource / logging roads in the area that are used by snowmobilers to access the backcountry. Both editions of the map include this information but it has been symbolized more subtly in the 3rd edition, for aesthetic reasons. 

HBC Heritage Trail

Winter Routes

Some winter ski routes are marked, others are not and you are on your own. I've added important information to these routes to help skiers plan and navigate in the backcountry. There's no substitute for good navigation skills out there because, in the end, you are on your own.

Manning Park - winter routes


The fallout from the wildfire that blew through the Skagit Valley in August of 2018 continues to impact BC Parks' operation within the park. The extents of the fire are included in the 3rd edition of the map to simply show the size and location of the area affected - it was more extensive than I thought! 

2018 Burn - Skagit Park

I'm targeting mid-March for the print date. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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