**** Our Salish Sea map was awarded "Best Reference Map - 2022" in CaGIS Map Design Competition ****

Award-winning Salish Sea Map!

  • Voted 'Best Reference Map' in prestigious map design competition in 2022.
  • A one-of-a-kind map of the Salish Sea - two years in the making!
  • This award-winning map expertly combines the geographies of the natural and built environments of this beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. It offers lessons in regional history and the art of cartography while recognizing the long Aboriginal presence in the area.
  • This map tells the story of the beautiful and fragile ecosystem which sustains us.

Two versions are available:

1. PREMIUM MAP (26" x 44")
Order the Premium Salish Sea map

2. POSTER MAP (23" x 39")
Order the Salish Sea Poster map.

What people are saying about the Salish Sea Map:

"Weaving together First Nations history with the urban environment of airports, transportation networks, and state and provincial parks, The Essential Geography of the Salish Sea invites readers to pore over its detailed features. And this is done with an expertly crafted design that reflects elements of the Swiss greats and popular maps in geographic magazines." – Maps.com

"The informational equivalent of a 1,000-page travel guide, The Essential Geography of the Salish Sea treats the viewer to an eye-pleasing overview of this world-class geographic region. The terrain illustration gives landforms a natural 3-D look and brings the geography alive. The cultural content covers new ground by including the geography of Indigenous peoples." – Dave Imus, Award-winning cartographer, The Essential Geography of the US.

"The Salish Sea is a vibrant and diverse region with many layers of nature, culture, and history to unpack. This large-format map is a window into this complex geography and will certainly be going on my wall." – Stephen Hui, 105 Hikes.

Testimonials from our Happy Clients

I received my Salish Sea Map today.  It is absolutely fantastic! A work of art!

Ken T.

Mapping such a historied place is no small feat. Clark Geomatics handled the task brilliantly with The Essential Geography of The Salish Sea.

Joshua S.

The Salish Sea map is wonderful! Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

Ron C.

I think your map of Garibaldi Park is the best made map on the Canadian market.

Martin S.

If you're going to Manning Park, buy this map. It got us out of a spot of trouble. It's also a work of art.

Alex VH

I liked your [Callaghan] map so much I bought two; one for hiking and one to hang on my wall! Thanks!

Michael D

This [Banff, Yoko and Kootenay Parks] map is a seriously cool and useful map! Where has it been all my life??

James A

Large Format Wall Maps / Folded Hiking Maps

PREMIUM Salish Sea Map - $120

Printed on premium low-lustre photo paper! This unique and important reference map is the most geographically expressive map ever made for the region. It'll give you a clear sense of place for an area that eight million people call home.

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POSTER Salish Sea Map - $55

Available as a poster map - printed on heavy bond paper! This unique and important reference map is the most geographically expressive map ever made for the region. It'll give you a clear sense of place for an area that eight million people call home.

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Garibaldi Park Map


Beautiful, award-winning backcountry trail map for British Columbia's popular Garibaldi Provincial Park. The best topo map to come out of Canada in 60 years! – National Geographic's Senior Graphics Editor.

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Manning Park Map


We partnered with BC Parks to create this exceptional 1:50,000 scale map. It's the ONLY map available for hiking, biking, horse riding, and backcountry skiing in Manning Provincial Park. Voted "Best Overall Map" by Avenza (2014).

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Callaghan Valley Map

CALLAGHAN VALLEY - Map 103 - $21.95

Used by BC Parks Rangers, this popular map has the most detailed, accurate and up-to-date information available for BC's beautiful Callaghan Valley. If you're heading into the backcountry, you'd best bring one of these maps with you.

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Banff Yoho Kootenay National Park Map

BANFF, YOHO & KOOTENAY PARKS - Map 120 - $18.95

Get the BIG PICTURE! There are a lot of maps available for these parks, but none like this one! This stunning map, along with its detailed visitor guide, is all you'll need to plan your visit to these national park gems. *Finalist in NACIS Atlas of Design (2018).

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Algonquin Park Highway 60 Ontario


This awesome map covers the most popular area in the park. We've crammed a ton of info into one, single map (not two, three or four, like many of our map-making friends do). It's the best planning tool for your next canoe trip!

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